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Launching a Brand refit

Full-service video production Aercap Brand

Content Creatures is excited to offer brand film production services to AerCap, the world’s leader in airline leasing. Our creative and experienced team of industry professionals worked with branding agency Siegal & Gale and the marketing team at AerCap to create an exceptional brand film that captures their unique story and resonates with their target audience.

With a comprehensive approach to managing the entire process, from pre-production planning to post-production delivery, Content Creatures delivered tailored solutions for every stage of the filmmaking process.

Through this project, we delivered a full range of corporate video production services, drawing on expertise across our creative content agency in filmmaking, animation, editing, grading, and sound design.





What We Did

  • Animation
  • Copywriting
  • Live-action filming
  • Motion design
  • Music composition
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production
  • Voiceover production

Campaign video:

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It starts with pre-production

Before filming the AerCap brand film, the pre-production process comprised several essential components.

To start, our team reviewed the new brand and tone of voice devised by Siegal & Gale for Aercap. We also looked at previous filmed content and aspirational creative references. This enabled our copywriter to generate an informative, yet engaging voiceover script for the video.

Once we had sign-off on the script, the director, DOP, and producer from our live-action production company made their way to Ireland to conduct a location recce at various hangars and office spaces. The resulting photographs were then used to create a detailed storyboard for the 2’30” brand film, which would showcase Aercap’s new identity and values.

As always, our production team approached the pre-production stage in a professional and approachable manner, building relationships on site during the recce that would facilitate smooth shoot days while looking for time and cost efficiencies to ensure the production would remain within budget.

Rolling on the road

As a video production company, we take great pride in our ability to create compelling brand films that capture the essence of our clients’ businesses.

When tasked with filming for the AerCap brand film, we faced a few challenges – filming in hangars in the west of Ireland required extra powerful lighting and careful planning to capture the most interesting angles.

However, we overcame these challenges and produced high-quality 4K filmic footage using our trusty Blackmagic camera. We also incorporated a range of equipment, including dollies, track, cranes, and drones, to capture a variety of shots that added depth and interest to the final product.

And after filming at the hangars, we relocated to Dublin to capture shots of the company HQ.

Once we got into the edit, we were thrilled with the visually stunning footage we’d been able to produce from the difficult hangar environment.


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Mastering the brand

The post-production process for the AerCap brand film involved a variety of elements to create a polished and professional finished video.

One of the key components is film editing, which requires both technical and artistic skill. This is true when working with footage sourced from multiple locations, or that includes elements like stock footage (as with footage of aircraft in flight), that had to be added in later. Besides editing the footage to create a cohesive narrative, there is also a need to grade the colours of the footage to ensure everything matches and has a cohesive look.

In this film, motion graphics animation played a big role in the post-production process, with designers and animators working to create a moving graphic property and logo animation.

Finally, we recorded the script with voiceover in Dublin and composed a bespoke music track to bring out every nuance of the edit.