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Holcim Group is a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, operating in 60 countries, worldwide.

The company is a global partner for major building and infrastructure projects.

The company is on a mission to decarbonize building throughout it’s lifecycle. Content Creatures have delivered a range of creative assets including animated video, interactive animations, event materials and illustrations to explain how it works.


Holcim Group



What We Did

  • Animation
  • Copywriting
  • Digital assets
  • Motion design
  • Print assets
  • Storyboarding

Project video:

web holcim grid still

Uncovering the brief

After over 100 years leading global construction, Lafarge Holcim rebranded and became Holcim. One of the first outings for the new identity and corporate positioning was Davos 2023, for which they asked Content Creatures to design and animate a flagship infographic model outlining the future of their sustainable concrete business and bringing to life their concept of ‘Circular Construction’.

The project involved pitching concept, artworking, scripting and 3D animation. The result has set the 3D illustration style for their new brand.

Developing the creative

After the success of the model at launch, Content Creatures were commissioned to create an interactive version for display on large touchscreens at exhibitions and events.

The touchscreen animation was displayed on a 75 inch screen in the Holcim booth at Bau München 2023. Guests to the booth were encouraged to navigate through the animation, learning about Holcim and their circular construction methods. It proved a success with the public, providing greater engagement and allowing Holcim more time to deliver their key messaging.

hol image 04

Creating brand assets

As well as animation and 3D modelling, we also worked with Holcim to create print assets for reports.

We created a number of new visuals for Holcim’s annual and climate reports, which included 3D designs and a mixture of infographics. The 3D designs kept to the same isometric style as the original model, ensuring consistency across visuals and our new designs for charts and tables brought to life complicated data in an easy to digest manner.

Maximising the creative

Content Creatures has also created a range of digital assets for web and social to ensure the creative concept is used consistently ensuring efficient use of the campaign design.

This includes web interactive and mobile interactive versions of the animation.

hol image 03
hol image 02

We’ve worked with Content Creatures on several projects, and I’ve always been delighted with the results. Their client orientation and creativity are key highlights, but I could add many more, like their agility and flexibility. I look forward to continuing our work together.

Laura Villaescusa

Group Head Editorial, Campaigns and Employee Communications