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PHD and the British Heart Foundation

PHD’s brilliant ‘Heart Stopping’ partnership with Global for the British Heart Foundation has not only been recognised with an esteemed award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity but has also won Best Collaboration at the Festival of Media M&M Global awards 2023.

To showcase the remarkable campaign and its impressive impact, we crafted a captivating case film for the awards.




Charity / Not for Profit


What We Did

  • Animation
  • Brand development
  • Creative strategy
  • Motion design
  • Music composition

Campaign video:

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Heart Stopping

The campaign, titled ‘Heart Stopping’, was a cooperative initiative with Global aimed at heightening awareness about the British Heart Foundation’s research into genetic heart disease.

This innovative campaign involved halting the UK’s largest radio network – Heart – by inducing ‘cardiac arrest’ in the ads of seven prominent UK brands. Their radio ads were flatlined with a heart monitor sound, followed by a message about the charity’s most substantial research grant into genetic cardiomyopathies.

Building the creative

Given the nature of this project as a radio campaign, we had to think outside the box due to the limited visual assets available. We were provided a script, brand logos, and audio-only radio assets, and set about developing an engaging narrative.

We crafted custom motion graphics depicting soundwaves, a beating heart, and heartbeat monitor lines, and seamlessly integrated these with on-screen text for enhanced viewer engagement.

Story told through sound

A soundscape that complemented both the on-screen text and radio audio was essential to the film’s tone and impact.

The soundscape featured the heartbeat as a prominent element and strategically used moments of silence to emphasise the impact of a sudden stop to a beating heart.

The Results

It was essential for the film to emphasise how the radio campaign had positively affected the British Heart Foundation and its accomplishments.

The audience needed to see the essential statistics presented effectively and memorably, and with impact.

Finally, the soundscape resolves on a positive, uplifting note, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and solidifying the positive outcome of the campaign.