Innovative Disruption

Animated video explainer

To mark the launch of BW’s new in-house end-to-end agency D+B, Content Creatures were commissioned to develop and produce a 45” film to bring the brand to life and explain the BW D+B offering to their clients.

While BW was an established leader in workplace fit-outs, the new division of D+B represented a first foray into the design and strategy phase. As such, there were no assets to create with, only a new logo and colour palette. Our challenge was to represent this new agency without case studies.


BW: Workplace Experts



What We Did

  • Animation
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Creative strategy
  • Motion design

Project film


Positioning the animation with core values

Our Creative Partners devised a set of questions which would focus the meaning and intent behind the launch film. It was important to match the style of animation with the key messages and priorities of BW D+B. As thought leaders, design champions and delivery experts, this film also needed to convey their passion for inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation. We developed a strategic thought to reflect these core values,

“D+B is a dynamic team of innovative disruptors, challenging the status quo to reimagine the future of workspace refurbs and refits”.

The client had already developed the brand logo and guidelines, which gave our design team a great launching point to start from.

Developing the logo reveal

Most importantly, the film would begin and end with the new logo, so we set our design team the challenge of creating a unique and creative way to reveal the logo to the audience.

We began working with perspective, deconstructing the various shapes that made up the letters and symbols and suspending them in the space. Only when the camera moved into its final position would the logo be revealed.

Graphic property and negative space

Next, our designers developed a graphic style inspired by the clients’ brand guidelines.

Using their shapes and colours throughout the film, we also integrated still photography and typography, playing with negative space.

The design process

Turnaround time was tight. In just a few short weeks, our production, design, and animation teams worked seamlessly together to create a sleek, high-end, innovative film using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Animation in progress

The experience was very smooth and really enjoyable! Great creative thinking and translation, very clear pathway and presentation. The result has already generated some genuine interest which is exactly what we had hoped.

Dan Callegari

Head of Design. BW: Workplace Experts