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The Art of Character Animation: Bringing Life to Digital Creations

At Content Creatures, we have a deep passion for character animation and have crafted numerous unique digital creatures for our clients.

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Understanding the Process and Costs Involved in Animated Video Production

These days it’s vital that brands stand out.
Animated video production is a popular way to capture the audience’s attention, but for many communications professionals, the process and costs involved is clouded in mystery.

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Thrive studio project

Thrive: Studio Project Interview

Our latest studio project centres around the theme of partnership and working together. The brief to the creatives team was “create...

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creative strategy

Human Ways to Incorporate AI into Your Creative Strategy

Curious on how to apply AI in the changing face of marketing? We explore ways in which creative strategies are being transformed by this powerful technology.

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mr mrs title

Mr and Mrs: company birthday edition

A special ninth birthday interview with our leadership dynamic duo.

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Creative video content; using neuroscience in storytelling

If you are selling a product, marketing a service, promoting organisational change, or translating team goals into achievable actions, wouldn’t...

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The Animation Process - Cost of Branded Content

How Much Does Premium Animated Content Cost?

Planning for animated video as part of your communication or marketing strategy is an exciting time for a business. It...

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Tortoise Gifting

#EasyGiving Campaign for The Big Issue Foundation

Like many of our clients, The Big Issue Foundation sought to harness the power of video marketing to enhance their...

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AVA Digital Awards - Content Creatures

Award Winning Animation at the 2019 AVA Digital Awards

Our team at Content Creatures are thrilled to pick up four prizes at the international AVA Digital Awards. And, what’s really...

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