Storytelling and Animation: The Ultimate Dream Team?

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When top global brands like Deliveroo, Chanel and Starbucks tap into the power of animation to elevate their marking campaigns, you know you’re on to a winner.

These captivating stories dive into the brand’s history, business processes, and even their day-to-day operations.

So, if storytelling is such a powerful tool, let’s explore together what it really means and how it can supercharge your brand.

So, what exactly does storytelling mean?

Visual storytelling is all about sharing information through narratives and connecting with others on a deeper level. It’s telling a captivating story that leaves a lasting impression.

For brands, the main aim is to convey their goals, beliefs, and ambitions through a concise and memorable narrative. It should evoke emotions and capture the attention of the audience, fostering a strong connection with the company.

There are many ways to illustrate your brand’s key messaging and goals – be it through photos, infographics, live videos, or cartoons. However, animation often emerges as the best choice for well-established brands seeking to differentiate themselves and showcase their distinctiveness.

So, if someone asks you, “What is visual storytelling?” you can confidently say, “It’s the best way to promote your brand today!”

Brand Storytelling is the Way to Go

Animated storytelling has become a powerful marketing tool for countless companies across the world. From global enterprises to local startups, businesses are leveraging animated storytelling to stand out from the crowd and build customer loyalty.

One of the key advantages of brand storytelling animation is its ability to convey a brand’s unique DNA in a concise and engaging manner. With captivating visuals and the use of unique characters, animated stories can effectively communicate a brand’s core message in less than a minute, capturing the audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression.

In today’s globalised world, trust in faceless corporations has diminished. However, animation has the power to bridge this gap by creating a sense of connection and reliability. By visually representing a brand’s philosophy and values, animated storytelling makes big companies more approachable and relatable, evoking emotions and fostering empathy among the audience.

Moreover, animated stories have a higher likelihood of being shared compared to basic videos. In fact, they are 66% more likely to be shared, meaning that your brand’s audience can grow 1.5 times faster by leveraging this medium. Additionally, when a company’s story resonates with the audience and tugs at their heartstrings, it becomes more profound and memorable.

Many people yearn to be part of something significant, and a compelling brand story can fulfil that desire, attracting more customers and driving growth.

Elevate Your Storytelling with Animation

The impact of storytelling in animation is just as significant as the quality of the video itself. In fact, sometimes even a simple white background and hand-drawn characters can create a more engaging and conversational experience. By focusing on the key messaging and eliminating unnecessary details, these types of videos become more captivating and memorable.

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When we weigh the pros and cons of using animation for storytelling, the list of benefits is extensive while the drawbacks are relatively few. Animation can be tailored to match any brand’s style, allowing you to create a truly unique story that aligns with your ideas and tone of voice. The only real challenge lies in content production. Storytelling in animation requires careful planning and the expertise of a creative agency who can bring your vision to life.

Master the Art of Visual Storytelling

When it comes to visual storytelling techniques, the possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to limit yourself to what’s already out there – you can create your own unique style that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand. Whether working in 2D or 3D animation, there are a few tips that can help elevate your storytelling:

  1. Show, don’t tell – Instead of relying on lengthy explanations, let the visuals speak for themselves. Dive into the details and focus on the key elements that will draw your viewers in.
  2. Use Dynamic Visuals – Movement is a powerful tool in capturing and keeping your audience’s attention. Incorporating dynamic movements into your animations creates a sense of energy and excitement.
  3. Humanise – People are inherently drawn to other people. Including human characters helps your audience connect as they are able to relate to the characters and their experiences.
  4. A Lesson Learned – Storytelling isn’t just about entertainment, it’s also an opportunity to educate your audience. Use stories to share valuable information, highlight your expertise and build trust with your audience. By providing insights and new perspectives, you can attract and retain customers while establishing yourself as a though leader in your industry.
  5. End with a Takeaway – The ending of your story is crucial. it should leave a lasting impression and reinforce the key message you want to convey. Think about what you want your audience to take away from the experience and make sure it’s clear and impactful.

Remember, don’t be afraid to be unique. Embrace your own style and make your content truly memorable.


In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, it’s essential for brands to stand out and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. To achieve this goal of building loyalty, driving growth and attractive customers, brands need to embrace unique and captivating strategies. Animated storytelling is a powerful marketing tool that allows brands to bring even the wildest ideas to life.

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