The Benefits & Uses of Character Animation for Business

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As video marketing gains popularity, businesses are looking for creative ways to boost engagement and stand out from their competitors. Look no further than character animation!

Off-the-shelf and templated video makers do seem financially attractive. However, they rely on a generic approach that makes standing out difficult to achieve. Watch twenty of these videos in a row and there’ll all have a similar tone and style. This defeats the object of being a low-cost option if it doesn’t attract the engagement you’re looking for. Or worse still, makes your brand look boring and unimaginative.

Investing in well-made and bespoke video content can make a big difference when it comes to getting noticed. Tactics like character animation, can be part of a long-term strategy to develop your brand. And as we know video skyrockets engagement, so this also helps achieve short term KPIs or goals. 

Let’s look at the benefits of character animation and how you can incorporate it into your marketing and communications strategy.

What is character animation – back to basics 

Out of the main animation styles, character animation is probably the most recognised. This animation style is used to bring a character to life with personality, emotion and a story or journey that people can connect with. 

In a previous article, we talked about how the preconceived ideas of character animation often come from the cartoons we watched as children. However, just because it’s animated doesn’t mean it has to have a childish or silly approach. 

It is possible to invest in character design that embodies the personality of your brand in a professional, yet entertaining manner. And of course, if used alongside your marketing and communications initiatives, it can offer many benefits. 

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Understanding the benefits of character animation

One of the main benefits of character animation is the fact that it is completely bespoke. And can be so powerful for many different types of businesses and projects. For example, communicating organisational change, or a new vision and leadership is complex using traditional methods. Using a high-quality animation can overcome barriers in language or physical proximity. It ensures you can control the message with an asset that perfectly represents your brand, its tone of voice and its personality.

Character animation can also be a good investment. Designing and essentially ‘owning’ your own character gives you the ability to reuse it across multiple storylines. 

For example, you can create a series of animated videos that work across multiple platforms using one character and building upon their unique journey. This could include a longer commercial animation accompanied by shorter social media videos to promote the video.  Doing this also helps to build on the story of the character, which will encourage people to become more emotionally invested in your video content.

Finally, animated video using bespoke character animation can make your brand stand out from the crowd, as it gives off a professional appearance. Plus, if you use your character in a well-executed video as part of your marketing strategy, you could see revenue grow 49% faster than competitors who do not.

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How character animation can be used 

There are a variety of ways you can use your character to support your video content. We have outlined a few of the most common types below…

How-to & Explainer videos 

Explainer videos are ideal for bringing a product, service, or brand to life. They work well for supporting your sales team with how-to’s or introducing complex topics. Or you could also use them as part of your social media strategy as part of a series of videos that dives into the personality and mission of your brand. 

Virtual event videos 

With most events going digital, investing in an animated video with a bespoke character is an effective way to differentiate yourself. Especially in an online space. Creating a tailored video that helps ‘give a face’ to your brand will help you stand out in a space where you have to rely on virtual interactions rather than in-person. You can read more about making effective promotional videos for virtual events here

Internal communications 

Character animation doesn’t only have to be about external communications. Having video content that supports your internal communications can help boost engagement within your team. Having a character that tells your company’s story and guides everyone through changes and growth is a great way to keep your team working towards a common goal.

Ready to design your character? 

At Content Creatures, we have years of experience creating award-winning video content and character animations for companies across the world. If you are looking to design a character that fits your brand and your vision, we’d love to hear from you.

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