Top Video Strategy for Renewable Energy Marketing

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Over the last decade, it has become clear that the renewable energy industry is now one of the most influential industries in the world. With a growing urgency around alternative energy solutions, businesses are looking into ways they can invest in future-proof methods. 

This is not about to slow down either. In 2017, the global renewable energy market was valued at $928.0 Billion and is expected to reach $1,512.3 Billion by 2025. 

Companies competing in this sector must establish a strong brand identity through renewable energy marketing strategies that facilitate short and long-term growth. As the industry continues to mature, this will allow your business to have a better chance of remaining at the forefront of a rapidly changing space. 

This marketing strategy should include renewable energy video content, as it can help clear the fog between a seemingly complex industry and your customers. Below, we will go into more detail about how video marketing, particularly animated video, can help and some important steps to help you get started.

Why it works

With 85% of users wanting to see more videos from brands, video is quickly becoming an essential part of any marketing or communications strategy. But with so much video content out there, the creativity and branding need to be high-quality, or your efforts will get lost in a sea of similar content. 

As a result, more companies are investing in animation to help create a unique brand identity while delving deeper into the core messaging.  Animation is effective for most industries, but for the renewable energy industry, it is especially powerful because it:  

Lets you reach people on new  channels

Video marketing is widely supported by most platforms. Whether on your website, social media or at virtual events, it’s going to be a valuable tool for you to have a presence on platforms that may not have made sense in the past. 

For example, with video content tailored to social media, you can create a short series of Instagram stories explaining how your product or service works. It’s a great way to generate awareness without taking up too much of your audience’s time.  

Makes it easier to understand a complex subject

The topic of renewable or alternative energy could fill countless books. The subject matter is complex and very few people have the time to fully understand it.

With animated video, you can use different animation styles, like kinetic typography, to clearly demonstrate statistics and explain complex subjects. 

The nature of animated video also means that the script is written to be as short and concise as possible.  This often includes putting it into a language that everyone can understand. This helps to avoid common myths or misconceptions about the subject, giving your audience a better sense of confidence in your business and what it stands for.

Plus, by investing in bright and even humorous animated content, you will make your message instantly more interesting and (surprisingly) entertaining to those who are newer to the industry.  

How to get started

If you are thinking about using video, there are a few steps you can take to ensure a successful campaign: 

1. Choose your target audience: this step is crucial, as it will set the tone and the message you want to convey. A helpful exercise is to create 3-5 personas of your typical consumer to help you get into their mindset. 

2. Choose your message: Once you know who you want to reach, structure your message around what would appeal to them the most. This could be solving a problem they have using your solution.

3. Align your message internally: an issue that companies in alternative energy industries can face is an internal disconnect on finding the sweet spot on how to position your product or service. For example, your marketing team can have a surface level understanding of your solution, but not to the same extent as the engineering teams. Take time to present your ideas to multiple teams internally to make sure you’re aligned with the messaging and the benefits of sharing it. 

4. Decide where the video will be shown: the platforms your video will be shown on can impact the cost of commissioning a video from an animation studio, as well as the design. Knowing where you want this video to be shown will help you formulate a clear brief ahead of time.

5. Curate your video: If you don’t have an in-house team, you might find yourself commissioning a studio to help you with your video. Make sure to take your time on this step and work with a studio that will guide you in the right direction creatively and align with your brand values. 

6. Share and monitor your performance: After your video is complete, you will want to share it and monitor the performance of your video. This includes organic views, view rates, and video completion rates to help you understand how your video performed. 

KBR – Animated Explainer Video

Content Creatures created this engaging animated explainer for KBR Project Solutions to share with the renewable energy industry.

KBR Project Solutions Wind Energy Animation

We were invited by KBR’s Project Solutions team to create an animated video to share on social media and in meetings on the subject of the energy transition. It was to be an animation that would tell the story of energy from the beginning of the universe through to a carbon-neutral world in the not-so-distant future.

In commissioning this film, the client took a creative risk by choosing a style, unlike anything they had produced before.  Fortunately, they were fully invested at every step of the way, enabling us to deliver a distinctive animation for the renewable energy industry that everyone was proud of.

See the full video here 

Climate Outreach – Promo Films for Charity

Content Creatures worked with Climate Outreach to develop an animation style for a series of promotional videos for a charity campaign.

Climate Outreach - Vote For Change

The events of 2020 gave them an opportunity to explore new ways of communicating online. They turned to animated promotional videos as a way to appeal for donations and promote their work on a UN climate change paper, UNEP.

We worked closely with the Climate Outreach team to hone the scripts. For the UNEP film, it was important that the content was factual and not frivolously presented. Our copywriting team struck a balance between substance, style and duration.  

As well as the charity campaign films, we also provided short looping animations for use on the UNEP microsite

See the full video here 

Working with Content Creatures 

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In our consultation, we will take time to understand more about your brand and what you want to achieve and help you formulate a brief based on your communication needs, among other things.

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