Animation with Energy

Animated explainer videos

KBR Project Solutions are a division within science and technology giant Kellogg Brown Root that specialise in developing alternative energy solutions. Content Creatures were invited to pitch to create an animated explainer video to share with the renewable energy industry.

The result was an engaging award-winning film that was shared widely on LinkedIn and won Platinum at the Muse Creative Awards 2020. 





What We Did

  • Animation
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Creative strategy
  • Digital assets
  • Motion design
  • Music composition

Project film:


Animated video explainer process

The KBR Project Solutions team selected Content Creatures because they were keen to break the mould of traditional videos in their sector. They wanted an animated explainer video that would tell the story of energy transformation across the deep history of time.

At the heart of physics are fundamental laws; one, the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed only converted from form of energy to another. This conversion either occurs dramatically or over millions, even billions of years.


Getting to the creative idea 

Our Creative team saw this as an opportunity to present a dynamic narrative, starting with the explosive ‘Big Bang’ and travelling 13.6 billion years to a carbon-neutral future inspired by the ‘leave no trace but footprints’ ideology. Along the way we would visit a primordial Earth, encounter the age of plants, then mammals, witness the smog of the industrial age before reaching the multitude of clean, alternative energy solutions available today.

As the primary audience was social, we proposed creating a film without a voiceover, instead relying on impactful imagery and dynamic camera moves to create an engaging animated explainer video.

Creative content solutions

Although the client was open to us working beyond the restrictions of previous brand animations, we believe it is important that every film we design should be inspired and link back to the brand.

Our Design team identified an opportunity to connect the history of energy through the squares around the KBR logo and proposed an innovative solution. Each stage of the story takes place on a square 3D island, the camera travels from one to the next before finally zooming in a move which brings all the islands together to form the KBR logo.

Working with the square island shape, we felt the most appropriate design choice was to create every element in low-poly 3D. Added to this, we selected music and directed a sound design which enhanced the drama.

The response to the video on social has been incredibly positive, with it liked and reposted many hundreds of times. The client has since worked with us again to create digital assets and received high praise for the work. The video itself won a Platinum Muse Award.

Client verdict:

The reaction internally has been amazing. Everyone really likes the messaging. I’ve had a number of positive comments from people I don’t even know!

David Cole

Director, KBR Project Solutions