How Video for HR Shapes a Company’s Brand Identity in the Digital Age

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In recent years, HR’s role in shaping a company’s brand identity has moved beyond traditional personnel management to become integral to the storytelling of a company’s ethos. HR professionals are now the gatekeepers of company culture and values and must use all the tools available to communicate with employees.

The synergy between internal company culture and external brand perception has grown stronger in the digital age, placing HR at the heart of brand reputation. Their remit now includes curating experiences that not only resonate within the workplace but also project a company’s core identity across the digital expanse.

Video and creative content serve as potent tools for HR, turning abstract aspects of a company’s soul into tangible experiences. A well-executed video can embody the essence of a company’s identity far more eloquently than traditional job descriptions or corporate literature ever could. This blog will explore how HR professionals can harness these tools to not just communicate, but to elevate their company’s brand identity in the eyes of current and potential employees.

The intrinsic value of brand identity within HR practices is undeniable in the contemporary job market. It’s the compass that guides recruitment, nurturing a workforce that is not only skilled but also aligned with the company’s vision. A robust brand identity doesn’t just attract talent—it creates a community within the workplace, engendering loyalty and advocacy that transcends the physical office space, particularly in a digital world where a company’s online reputation is inextricably linked to employee experience.

As HR takes on a more strategic role, the continuity of brand identity throughout the employee journey—from onboarding to development—is critical. It’s this consistency that weaves individual job roles into a collective narrative, reinforcing a sense of unity and shared purpose. The aim is not merely to fill positions but to foster a community that champions the company’s mission as its own.

For further insights on the intersection of marketing and HR in brand building, the recent Fast Company article provides an excellent perspective on how these departments collaborate to create a cohesive brand experience, internally and externally.

HR’s Role in Shaping Brand Identity

HR professionals play a pivotal role in moulding and projecting a company’s brand identity, not just internally among employees but also externally to prospective candidates and the wider market. This strategic position allows HR to act as the bridge between a company’s values and its people, ensuring that the essence of the brand is lived and breathed within every aspect of the organization.


Cultivating a Brand-Aligned Culture

HR is instrumental in fostering a workplace culture that reflects the brand’s core values. This involves developing policies, practices, and initiatives that embody these values, making them tangible to every employee. Whether through the design of comprehensive onboarding programs that immerse new hires in the company culture from day one or through ongoing development opportunities that reinforce the brand’s ethos, HR ensures that the brand identity is not just a concept, but a reality experienced by all.

Employer Branding

In recruitment, HR’s role extends to employer branding, which involves crafting and communicating a compelling value proposition to potential candidates. By showcasing the company as an attractive place to work, with a clear mission and values that resonate with the target talent pool, HR helps attract individuals who are not just qualified but also culturally aligned with the brand. This strategic alignment between HR practices and brand identity helps attract the right talent and significantly reduces turnover.

Employee Advocacy

Encouraging employee advocacy is now a key HR responsibility. Creating a work environment where employees feel valued and connected to the company’s goals leads to brand ambassadors from within. When employees are genuinely engaged and believe in the brand, they naturally share positive experiences within their networks, extending the brand’s reach and authenticity.

Communicating the Brand Internally and Externally

Effective communication is another crucial aspect of HR’s role in shaping brand identity. HR ensures that the brand’s story, values, and vision are consistently communicated across all internal and external channels. This consistency builds a strong, coherent brand identity that is easily recognizable and resonates deeply with both employees and external audiences.

Adapting to Change

Finally, HR is key in navigating the brand through periods of change, whether due to market shifts, internal restructuring, or rebranding efforts. By managing change effectively and ensuring that the brand’s identity remains consistent and strong, HR helps maintain employee trust and loyalty, which is vital for the brand’s long-term success.


The Power of Video and Creative Content in HR

Over the last quarter century people’s media consumption has become increasingly online. As long ago as 2017, spending on traditional communication fell behind digital marketing. At the heart of this shift is affordable video, animation, and digital creative content. You read more about why human evolution makes video so effective in this earlier blog. 

Enhancing Recruitment and Employer Branding

Brand videos for HR have revolutionised recruitment and employer branding. A well-crafted company culture video, for instance, can provide a glimpse into the life at the company, showcasing real employees, work environments, and day-to-day activities. This authentic peek behind the curtain not only attracts potential candidates but also helps ensure a good fit, reducing turnover and fostering a more engaged workforce.

You can see our work for Tate & Lyle, below:

Streamlining Onboarding and Training

The onboarding process is another area where video content shines. Instead of overwhelming new hires with manuals and documents, video can introduce them to the company culture, values, and expectations in a more digestible and engaging format. Similarly, training videos can simplify complex concepts, making learning more accessible and enjoyable, which in turn improves retention and application of new knowledge.

This campaign for PHD informed new hires about the company history, successes and values:

Boosting Internal Communications

For internal communications, creative content can break through the monotony of emails and memos. Whether it’s updates from leadership, changes in policies, or celebrating company achievements, videos and animated content can convey these messages in a way that’s both engaging and memorable. This not only ensures that important information is more likely to be absorbed but also helps in building a sense of community and belonging among employees.

This video for GroupM helped launch a new employee portal:

Fostering Employee Advocacy

Encouraging employees to share their positive experiences on social media or within their professional networks is far more effective when they have compelling content to share. Video testimonials, highlights from company events, and stories of employee success can all serve as powerful tools for employee advocacy, extending the reach of the company’s brand identity far beyond its own channels. 

Adapting to Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

In the context of increasing remote and hybrid work arrangements, video and creative content have become indispensable in maintaining connection and cohesion among dispersed teams. Virtual town halls, team highlights, and regular updates via video help keep everyone aligned and foster a sense of unity and company culture, despite physical distances.

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Starting with Video and Creative Content: A Guide for HR Professionals

Integrating video and creative content into HR practices is a game-changer for any organisation aiming to elevate its brand identity and engage its workforce more effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide for HR professionals to navigate this transformative path:

Identifying Objectives

The first step is crystalising what you aim to achieve through your video and creative content. Objectives can range from enhancing the company’s internal culture, streamlining the recruitment process, or making employee training more engaging and effective. Defining these goals upfront will shape the direction of your content strategy and ensure every piece of content serves a specific purpose.

 Understanding Your Audience

Know who you’re speaking to. Whether it’s potential employees, current staff, or a mix of both, understanding your audience is key to tailoring content that resonates. Consider their demographics, interests, and what information they might be seeking about your company. This insight will guide the tone, style, and delivery of your content to ensure it strikes the right chord.

Our internal L&D brand identity for WPP agency Xaxis needed appeal to a young workforce of digital natives.

Choosing the Right Type of Content

The format of your content—be it animation, live-action, or a blend—should align with your brand’s identity and the message you wish to convey. Animation can bring complex ideas to life with creativity and simplicity, while live-action can humanise your brand by showcasing real employee stories and the workspace. The choice of format is pivotal in capturing the essence of your message and engaging your intended audience effectively.

 Finding a Creative Partner

Selecting a creative content agency that aligns with your brand and understands your vision is crucial. Look for partners with experience in your industry and a portfolio that resonates with your aesthetic and ethos. A good agency will not just execute your ideas but will collaborate with you to enhance them, ensuring the final content truly reflects your brand identity.

 Collaboration and Storytelling

This phase is about storytelling—crafting narratives that embody your brand’s values, culture, and aspirations. Work closely with your agency, providing them with insights into your brand and feedback throughout the creative process. This collaboration ensures that the stories told are authentic, engaging, and aligned with your objectives.

You can read more about the Content Creatures ‘Design-led Storytelling’ approach here.

 Measuring Success

Finally, gauging the effectiveness of your HR videos and creative content is essential to understand its impact and guide future initiatives. Utilise metrics such as engagement rates, viewer feedback, and performance in recruitment or training outcomes to measure success. This data not only demonstrates the value of your investment but also provides insights for refining your content strategy over time.

Creating brand video for HR provides a dynamic and impactful platform for communication. By following the steps we’ve discused, HR professionals can ensure that their content not only achieves its intended objectives but also plays a pivotal role in shaping and enhancing the company’s brand identity.


The strategic deployment of HR brand videos and creative content is essential for all professionals in this field. Whether these videos for HR promote culture, values or specific initiatives, they are an effect way to broadcast a consistent message to disparate workplace community at all levels of an organisation.

At Content Creatures, our mission is to be your creative partner, transforming the essence of your brand into captivating narratives and visuals. Our award-winning team is dedicated to crafting bespoke content that aligns with your strategic objectives, weaving together stories that engage, inspire, and drive connection. Whether it’s through animated explainer videos, immersive brand films, or compelling social media content, our expertise lies in bringing your brand’s identity to life in the most impactful way.

We encourage HR professionals to view video and creative content not just as tools for communication, but as essential elements in shaping the modern workplace and its culture. The potential to influence, engage, and inspire with creative content is limitless, offering a unique opportunity to leave a lasting imprint on your company’s brand identity.

If you’re ready to explore the transformative power of creative content in your HR strategies, Content Creatures is here to embark on this journey with you. Reach out to us for a consultation or to brainstorm ideas on how we can help you harness the full potential of video and creative content to redefine your brand identity and culture. Let’s create not just content, but a legacy that reflects the true essence of your brand. Start your journey with Content Creatures today, and together, we’ll turn your vision into reality.