Embark Group

Embark Group is a full-scale retirement solution provider with a portfolio of business operating in the sector. Content Creatures were approached to develop an animated promotional film for their annual report.

The brief was to engage the audience with top-level facts that would make them want to access the full report online.

The client had been developing the master brand look of their website and needed Content Creatures to be mindful of the existing design whilst also developing an animated style to enable Embark to have a consistent on-screen brand to use across all their video communications.

This included delivering a titling style, name-straps, an animated mnemonic and style guide for colour grading footage.

The motion graphics brand packaging was delivered as an Adobe Essential Graphics project to give the client maximum flexibility for their future video work.

Embark Group Logo for Animated Promotional Film
Embark Group Animated Promotional Film Supporting Consumers Preview
Embark Group Animated Promotional Film Multiple Distribution Channels Preview
Embark Group Animated Promotional Film Asset Administration Preview
Embark Group Animated Promotional Film as as Award Winning Group