Why Animation is Taking Over Healthcare Marketing

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Over the past decade, healthcare organisations around the world have witnessed a digital transformation in marketing and communications. This positive shift has allowed companies to connect with people in new ways, helping to demystify the industry. 

Part of this transition has included investment in video marketing, such as animated content.  Whether an educational video, explainer video or other forms of online video,  they’re helping to build the “new norm” of communication in the digital age. 

We looked into why healthcare video marketing has become so popular and what are the best types of video content for the healthcare industry.

The benefits of animated video content 

They simplify information

One of the most challenging things about healthcare communications is taking complex topics and making it easy to understand. This includes summarising research data or simplifying a topic loaded with medical terminology.

Animated video is one of the easiest forms of content to digest, which is why it’s becoming popular amongst healthcare brands. Here are some recent statistics from Social Media Today showing just how much more accessible a message can be through video:

– Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video 

– Around 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service from a video

– 95%  of users watch an explainer video to learn more about a product or service

Video can explain sensitive subjects

Being in healthcare often means you have to deal with sensitive or difficult subjects. Using animation can help explain these topics in a light-hearted, yet respectful way to help remove the stigma around them.

There are a variety of different animation techniques that can achieve this. For example, character animation is a great way to engage viewers and deliver a highly specific message, as it can be completely bespoke. 

This means it can represent your brand’s personality and tone of voice, and deliver a message around a potentially delicate subject. 

Long term, it also gives you the opportunity to reuse the character across different forms of communications, putting a consistent friendly face to your brand.

They support innovation & growth

The healthcare industry is growing and it’s not about to slow down, especially in the private healthcare sector. 

In 2017, the UK private healthcare market was valued at US$ 11.8 billion according to Pharmiweb and expected to grow 2.6% by 2023. This growth is coming from a rise in NHS waiting times and referrals to the private sector, which the 2020 pandemic accelerated further. 

The private sector will no doubt see more emerging businesses and start-ups shake up the industry. New opportunities often need to be backed by investors and to raise the necessary funds, your strategy needs to include a well-thought-out communications plan.

Animated video plays a key part of this strategy: it doesn’t just help you communicate the complexity of your product or service to investors, it also makes a great impression. 

People understand that it takes time and resources to invest in this kind of branded content. Ultimately, it will showcase the professionalism of your brand in an engaging way.

Animation that works well for healthcare brands

The great thing about investing in animated video is that the content can be tailored to fit different platforms and purposes. This includes digital marketing, social media promotion, virtual events, or internal presentations.

There are different kinds of videos that tend to work best for this industry, namely:

– Corporate announcements

– Explainer or ‘how-to’ videos

– Educational videos

Let’s take an example of an explainer video we created recently for a well-known healthcare company in the UK. 

Abingdon Health

We had the pleasure of working with Abingdon Health to create the how-to animated explainer for their coronavirus antibody test kit.

This video features 3D animation for one important reason; a live-action shoot at that time presented problems as social distancing and intimate close-up shots would be hard to achieve. By modelling a fully-rigged set of hands in 3D, we were able to get the camera in amongst the action so that it felt like it was from the viewer’s POV. 

The combination of this technique, plus the clear and concise messaging of the script, meant we were able to deliver an easy to understand video with little room for unwanted interpretations.

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