The Benefits of Business Animation for Brand Building and Engagement

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Animated Video for Marketers

Animated videos are a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal, providing an effective medium to engage target audiences and build brand recognition.

As experts in animated corporate video, Content Creatures recognise the strategic importance of video marketing to help businesses unlock their potential, by captivating viewers, simplifying messages and conveying complex information in a visually appealing manner.

There are several benefits to using animation in your marketing strategy. For one, animated videos can simplify complex ideas, making them easier for your audience to understand. They can also encourage viewers to stay longer on your website or social media page, increasing the chances of conversion.

Beyond the Static – Why Animation for Businesses is the Next Big Thing in Marketing

The era of static content is gradually fading, giving way to dynamic and engaging animated videos. Unlike static images or type, animation brings stories to life, triggering the brain’s appetite for motion and thus making them more memorable and impactful. The brain responds to change, which is audiences prefer narratives short animated videos, with lots of snappy motion, to convey new ideas, products, and services.

Explainer videos provide the perfect medium to deliver these narratives effectively. They are cost-effective and eye-catching and can lead to the creation of animated characters that can support the brand’s messaging throughout a long-term marketing strategy. The classic example is Frosties Tony the Tiger, who has been the face of the brand for over seventy years!

Animated videos: designed for the human brain in the age of digital brands

Since 2017, digital marketing has reigned and since then, few successful B2B marketers haven’t considered corporate videos as part of their content strategy.

The problem with jumping straight to commissioning animated business videos without thinking first about how audiences perceive content is that the output will often fail to engage the human brain. The business animation can look nice, its message can be clear, but if the pattern of the narrative is flat or obscure, viewers won’t connect with it, or the brand.

The animated corporate company videos we make at Content Creatures are underpinned by our understanding of the science of storytelling, which informs our motion-led approach to design and branding. By combining these, we create animated videos that engage, inform and are remembered.

A classical history lesson in audience behaviour

There a many reason why animation works for video marketing campaigns, not least of these is how content makes us feel.

In his treatise on narrative, Poetics, Aristotle explores different dramatic forms and how they affect the audience.

vector illustration of aristotle in a pop art style. his profile is outlined with bold black lines, filled with geometric patterns and bright contrast

It may be 2500 years ago, but much of what Aristotle says remains relevant. For brand marketers commissioning corporate animated videos, there are two states worth understanding:


This is an instant, joyful, heady sensation. It’s intense, immediate, and gratifying.


This is deeper, slower, and more meaningful. It requires consideration and some challenge.

Business animation videos, by their visual nature, are often Hedonic. They are bright, dynamic and playful. All these traits are important, because they encourage people to watch an animated video, but hedonic behaviour is short-lived and needs constant top-ups. Hence, the success of rapid-scrolling on platforms like TikTok.

Brand stories are often Eudaimonic. They identify a customer need, placed in a relatable context, and then suggest a brand solution. The impact of such a business animation video is gentler, but the connection is more pronounced and memorable.

If brand marketers understand these two states of being, they can work with creatives to develop business animation videos that will both captivate and resonate with their target audience.

This film for Axa uses striking, bold colours to appeal to Hedonic state of mind, but with a calm narrative voice to appeal to the Eudaimonic state:

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Unlocking Creative Potential with Animated Video – Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Corporate video animation offers a unique way to unlock creative potential, providing businesses with a platform to bring their ideas to life in visually stunning ways. With different styles such as traditional character animation and 3d animation, brands can explore various visual concepts to create an engaging explainer video that will resonate with their target audience.

At Content Creatures, our creative animation studio is equipped with the tools and expertise to help you navigate through the process of creating cost-effective animated content. From script writing to storyboard, we ensure every element of your animated video aligns perfectly with your brand colours and messaging.

Here are some key elements we consider as part of every brand video:

Create a Story

One of the most important tips for creating engaging animated video content is to create an interesting story. A good story will draw viewers in and make them want to watch more.

It should be easy to follow, have a clear beginning, middle, and end, and be relatable to your target audience. The story should have a clear purpose or message. For maximum customer engagement, viewers need to know who the brand is and how it helps them.

Use Colorful Visuals

Using vibrant and colorful visuals can help make animation videos stand out and capture the attention of viewers. Colorful visuals can also evoke different emotions in viewers, which can help to make your content more engaging and memorable.

To generate a Hedonic response, use bright colors that are associated with positive emotions, such as joy or excitement; or for an Eudaimonic response, try muted colors that evoke feelings of relaxation or calmness.

Incorporate Music

Incorporating music into an animated video can help to set the tone for the content and create an emotional connection with viewers. The right music can add energy to animation and help bring it to life in a way that still images cannot do alone.

Additionally, music can help drive home the message or purpose of a corporate animation by reinforcing key points or themes throughout the video.

Add Movement

Adding movement is another great way to make your animation more engaging for viewers. Movement brings elements of the animation together in an interesting way and helps create a sense of flow throughout the video.

Use simple techniques such as pans, zooms, fades, and wipes to move between scenes or even incorporate more complex techniques like camera tracking or 3D motion graphics if needed.

Utilize Sound Effects

Using sound effects is another great way to engage viewers with animated video. Adding sound effects can help bring certain elements of the business animation alive in a way that visuals alone cannot do on their own.

For example, adding sound effects when characters are speaking or when objects are moving around on screen creates a sense of place and can help give those elements more depth and realism than they would otherwise have without sound effects being used at all.

Include Interactivity

Including interactive elements in business animation videos is another great way to engage viewers with content; this could include allowing users to control certain aspects of the animation (such as choosing which character they want to see next) or including quizzes or games within the video itself (such as answering questions about what they’ve seen so far). This is particularly useful in educational content.

Also, social media platforms, like TikTok, promote video with longer views. Interactivity encourages users to stay engaged with your content, which for a social media marketing campaign is great for driving the algorithm to serve up the video more in feed.

The Trick to Making a Lasting Impression – How to Use Motion for Maximum Impact

Incorporating motion into your brand or corporate animation can leave a lasting impression. Research has shown that motion captures attention more effectively than static imagery, making it a powerful attention-grabber. However, it goes beyond just grabbing attention – motion also ensures a lasting impact.

This is partly due to the anthropological and evolutionary significance of motion. Our brains are wired to detect and respond to movement, giving it a unique advantage over other forms of media. When it comes to digital screens and online platforms like websites and social media, video content reigns supreme.

By using kinetic typography and creative transitions, you can create engaging videos that leave a memorable impression on your audience.

Motion has a significant impact on audience engagement. It inherently draws human attention, creating a stronger connection between the message and its recipient. This is especially helpful in an era where attention spans are shorter and competition for attention is intense.

Moreover, motion facilitates storytelling, a powerful tool for engagement, by providing a dynamic framework for narratives to unfold. Our brains thrive on change, difference, and the unusual.

When applied in brand or corporate animations, it brings abstract concepts to life, making them relatable and easily understood by the audience. This is particularly beneficial in the digital realm, where visually stimulating content thrives.

By immersing the audience in a more captivating way, motion not only captivates but also deepens the viewer’s connection to the content, amplifying its impact.

Harnessing the Power of Visual Storytelling Through Animation

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, incorporating motion into your brand or corporate animation can be incredibly effective.

Research shows that motion onset captures attention more automatically than static imagery, making it an attention-grabber right off the bat. But it’s not just about capturing attention – motion is also more effective in making a lasting impression. This is due in part to its anthropological and evolutionary importance. Our brains are wired to detect and respond to motion, which gives it a unique advantage over other forms of media.

When it comes to digital screens and online platforms like websites and social media, video content reigns supreme. By using kinetic typography and clever transitions, you can create memorable, engaging videos that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Utilising Animations to Capture Audience Attention and Drive Brand Growth

Animations are a powerful tool to capture audience attention and drive brand growth. By creating animated corporate videos that showcase their products or services, businesses can effectively communicate their value proposition and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Animated video offers an effective tool for businesses to engage their target audience and build their brand.

At Content Creatures, we seek to create emotion through motion. Brand animation for business doesn’t simply make viewers feel better about product or service, it fuels their appetite to buy, which, in turn, drives positive ROI.


Our aim at Content Creatures is to provide you with the best animated corporate videos that effectively communicate your message and achieve positive ROI.

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