Finding inspiration and creativity during lockdown

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This month, we’re focusing on the silver-lining and looking at all the ways artists have managed to stay creative and ease stress time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s redefining a living space or imagining the world being taken over by ‘Giant ultra-raccoons’, there are plenty of ways to stay creative. 

The Breakout Mantas Gr

Isolation Frustration

The Breakout

Mantas Gr // Illustrator & Animator

This animated short film perfectly captures the frustration working from home brings though a dynamic, beautifully minimal style. The surreal depictions really enhance that trapped feeling which resonates with all of us right now. Showcasing the importance of escaping technology through dynamic playful animation is really inspiring to us!

My wife hates it when I work from home - Banksy

Homely Inspiration

‘My wife hates it when I work from home’

Banksy // Artist

We’re inspired by Banksy’s incessant creativity, finding inspiration at home and still being able to continue working as normal is exactly the motivation we all need. Every corner of this piece has a new fun surprise, coping with lockdown using humour and wit sets a great example for us all.

April - Life on a Balcony Chiara Belmonte

Balcony Beauty 

April – Life on a Balcony

Chiara Belmonte // Illustrator 

‘Life on a Balcony’ is a series of illustrations created by Chiara Belmonte that began well before quarantine but has gained new meaning during the current pandemic. The series shows romanticised minimalist scenes of people living their lives through windows and balconies -reflecting Chiara’s own love of her balcony, and the importance balconies play in Italian culture. These illustrations offer great inspiration during this time of how you can stay social if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony.

Raccoon Vadim Solovyov

What’s happening out there?


Vadim Solovyov // Artist

Vadim has captured some of his COVID-19 thoughts with these whimsical photo manipulations that have captured massive wild animals roaming free in the streets of Russia, no longer occupied by people during the period of lockdown. We recommend taking a look at these posts and reading the entertaining stories that go alongside each image.