Content Creatures’ Summer Internship 2024

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Content Creatures' Intern Programme 2024

Content Creatures are currently accepting applications for a 3-month summer internship—running from May to the end of July 2024. 


Our remote-working creative agency delivers award-winning characterful animation and motion graphics for clients all over the world. 

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and supporting emerging creatives into the industry, so please feel free to get in touch with us about any questions you may have. If you have a passion for being a Content Creature, then we have time for you! 


How do I apply? 

Applications close on Friday 16th February 2024. 

For further information, please have a look below to see if any of the answers help you out.  


Do you accept applications from outside of the UK? 

As a remote agency, we know getting together is important, which is why we’ll only interview applicants who are able to travel to London for when we meet up. 


How do I know if I’ll be right for the role? 

  • We’re interested in someone who loves to create work that excites, inspires, and delights. 
  • Someone who asks questions, has big ideas and likes nothing more than thinking through a new brief. 
  • Someone with BA degree in Animation/motion graphics (or equivalent qualification). 
  • Someone keen for challenges, a problem solver, and a team player. 


What will I get out of an Internship at Content Creature? 

You can expect to be part of the team on a variety of projects in a range of disciplines, though we will, of course, take your skill-set into account as we assign work. 

The individual joining in this role will be supported in their learning and exposed to a broad range of design elements. The successful candidate will be supported by the Head of Studio and work closely with the Design Director as you work alongside them to create future masterpieces. 

You will be involved in a range of roles, from idea generation to video production. And support all aspects of the team across concept, design, production, and post-production. 

Whatever you work on, you’ll get a great insight into how we work and the creative process. What we certainly want is for you to contribute as an equal at the conceptual stage. Everyone’s voice is welcome as we develop a project. Every idea is valuable wherever it comes from within the team. 

This will be a great step into the industry to see how different parts of the production are pieced together. You will gain valuable experience for your future career. 


Is it a paid role? 

There will be payment for this placement. 


Do I need any specific qualities? 

We want to hear from everyone with a creative brain and a thirst for collaboration − from Motion Designers to Character Animators. We work on a wide range of creative projects with different skill sets, so everyone is encouraged to apply.  

The successful candidate will be fluent in the Adobe suite. Our top tools are Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Are you a wizard in 3D? Then that’s great too. We like to dabble with Cinema 4D with some of our work. 


Can I get feedback on my application? 

Due to the quantity of applications we receive, we’re unable to offer feedback to everyone who applies. We will, however, provide feedback for those who have made it through to the interview stage. And, of course, please keep in contact with and showcase any future projects you have been working on. 


Good luck!