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What Is A Creative Content Agency & How Can They Help


What is a Creative Content Agency & How Can They Help?

As a business, it can be challenging to find ways to remain creative with your content. Whether to support a digital mar...

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Learning and Development Strategy - Two Characters with Books and a Phone

Using Animation Within Your Learning and Development Strategy

With a large majority of the world working remotely, it has been a challenge over the past year for businesses to find a...

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Hiscox, Kinetic Typography Example

Benefits & Uses of Kinetic Typography for Communications

Without knowing it, almost everyone has encountered kinetic typography. It is a simple and foundational animation techni...

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Why micro-content is useful for marketing communications

Although micro-content isn’t a well-known buzzword, it’s becoming one of the most important kinds of content for mod...

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Creatures Feature 34 by Content Creatures

Finding Inspiration in fancy flamingos & little worlds

Fancy Flamingos Giant Zoetrope Gavin Shapiro // Motion Designer We liked Gavin’s take on a classic. Why spin the zoetr...

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COZONE Motion Graphics Product Promo

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity Design

Creating a strong brand identity can be one of the most important steps for a successful business. From the colour of yo...

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Animated Characters with Fruit and a Blender

How to Create an Executive Summary that’s Easy to Digest 

Whether it be for a complex financial report or a lengthy business plan, people often wonder how to make an executive su...

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Branded content animation of people climbing ladders

Using Animation to Communicate End of Financial Year Reports

Each spring, companies across the United Kingdom prepare for fiscal year-end. This is an important time, as it’s an op...

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E.ON Image with UK map and clouds

Improving Shareholder Communications with Animation [Updated]

It is well known that animated video can be used to improve general marketing or communications, but it can be particula...

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Man looking at his phone - hero image for Top Communication Trends in 2021

Top Communication Trends for 2021

Events of the past twelve months signalled a new era for digital communications worldwide. It forced many brands to rein...

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How to Communicate CSR Effectively Using Animation | Content Creatures

How to Communicate CSR Effectively Using Animation

As a business, committing yourself to corporate social responsibility communications shows that you are willing to balan...

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Animated sales promo film for Gelato

The Best Social Media Animations for Large Corporations

Organic and paid social media has become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for businesses. With ove...

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The Animation Process - Cost of Branded Content

How Much Does Premium Animated Content Cost?

Planning for animated video as part of your communication or marketing strategy is an exciting time for a business. It p...

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