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What Is A Creative Content Agency & How Can They Help


What is a Creative Content Agency and How Can They Help?

As a business, it can be challenging to find ways to remain creative with your content. Whether to support a digital mar...

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Animated Explainer Video Structure

The Most Effective Animated Explainer Video Structure

Creating an animated explainer video is an exciting venture. Not only do you have the opportunity to create an engaging ...

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Animated phone with social media video marketing engagement

How to Boost Social Media Video Marketing With Animation

An effective social media video marketing strategy is made up of many moving parts. From deciding on an appropriate cont...

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Creatures Feature 37 - Content Creatures

Make-Up Mechs and Dino Delights

This month’s feature has some crafty mechanoids alongside some friendly, furry dinosaurs.  Pop-Culture in Sti...

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Branded content animation of people climbing ladders

How to Overcome Video Marketing Strategy Challenges

With 87% of online marketers using video content, creating a video marketing strategy has become standard practice ...

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Man looking at his phone - hero image for Top Communication Trends in 2021

Why Branded Storytelling Is the Future Of Facebook Marketing

In the first half of 2021, Apple released the iOS 14 update that impacted brands across the globe.  Put simply, thi...

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Top 5 Video Marketing Metrics to Track Performance

Top 5 Video Marketing Metrics to Track Performance

Investing in creative video content has become a top priority for many brands around the world and its popularity doesn&...

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How to leverage video to reach new customers online

How to Use Video to Reach New Customers Online

If you have a goal to reach new customers online, then part of your strategy will be to create meaningful content for yo...

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Xaxis -How to increase landing page conversion rates

How to increase landing page conversion rates using video

The measure of a successful online campaign often comes down to one key metric; conversion rates.  Optimising your ...

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Establishing a Consistent Tone of Voice with Animated Video

Establishing a consistent tone of voice with animated video

There are many different elements to strong brand identity, but none are more important than a consistent brand tone of ...

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Animated Branded Content - Characters in a Digital World

Branded Content Checklist For Video Communications

Branded content is on its way to becoming one of the go-to methods for innovative digital communications. It challenges ...

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Creatures Feature 36 - Content Creatures

Inspiring Insects and NFTs

This month’s feature has everything from barmy bugs to crafty crypto art. Feel inspired by structures that will co...

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KBR Energy Sources - Renewable Energy

Top Video Strategy for Renewable Energy Marketing

The renewable energy industry is now one of the most influential industries in the world: with growing urgency to find a...

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