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#EasyGiving Campaign for The Big Issue Foundation

Like many of our clients, The Big Issue Foundation sought to harness the power of video marketing to enhance their campa...

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Animated Lighthouse

The Silver Linings of Lockdown & Discovering What’s Possible

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that we, as human beings, are incredibly adaptable and resilient....

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Meet the Creatures Grace

Meet Grace | The Faces Behind the Storytelling

Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m Grace, a Senior Creative at Content Creatures. My role includes generatin...

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Creatures Feature 27 Header Image

Finding inspiration and creativity during lockdown

This month, we’re focusing on the silver-lining and looking at all the ways artists have managed to stay creative and ...

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Smart City E.ON

Exploring Animation Styles for Marketing and Communications

Animation has suddenly become a bit of buzzword on LinkedIn. From ad agencies to small production companies, various cre...

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PMG animated learning and development video string game

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Video Marketing Project

Video content marketing can be an extremely effective part of your marketing strategy. People watch significantly more v...

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Creature Feature 26 header image

Featuring wacky miniatures and playing with proportion

This month we’ve really been loving how artists are using proportion and scale to add character to their creations...

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animated explainer video for research | green brain moving gif

Calculating ROI for Video Content & Website Videos

As a business, we create lots of videos about big data which are designed to highlight the value of good insight. Given ...

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E.ON Image with UK map and clouds

How to Improve Shareholder Communications Using Animation

In one of our recent blogs, we talked about how video could be used to improve business communication, with a particula...

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Content Creatures computer image

Remote Working and the Lesson We’ve Learnt

Like many around the world right now, I‘m working at home on a laptop that’s connected to the office and...

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Howard Content Creatures

Meet Howard | The Faces Behind the Storytelling

Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m Howard and I’m the Design Director here at Content Creatures, which means I...

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Hayfin Rocket Image

How to Improve Business Communication Using Video

In recent years, as companies of all sizes have become increasingly globalised, methods of business communication have a...

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Animated bird in nest with Happy Socks

The Power of Branded Content Using Video

If you are exposed to the wonderful (and ever-changing) world of marketing, most likely, you will have come across the t...

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