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The Animation Process - Cost of Branded Content


How Much Does Premium Branded Content Cost?

Planning for animated video as part of your communication or marketing strategy is an exciting time for a business. It p...

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OMG Transact - Animated Explainer Video

How to increase landing page conversion rates using video

The measure of a successful online campaign often comes down to one key metric; conversion rates.  Optimising your land...

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Brooks Macdonald - Animated Explainer Videos Hero Image

Establishing a consistent tone of voice with animated video

There are many different elements to strong brand identity, but none are more important than a consistent brand tone of ...

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Animated Branded Content - Characters in a Digital World

Branded Content Checklist For Video Communications

Branded content is on its way to becoming one of the go-to methods for innovative digital communications. It challenges ...

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Creatures Feature 36 - Content Creatures

Inspiring Insects and NFTs

This month’s feature has everything from barmy bugs to crafty crypto art. Feel inspired by structures that will confus...

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KBR Energy Sources - Renewable Energy

Top Video Strategy for Renewable Energy Marketing

Over the last decade, it has become clear that the renewable energy industry is now one of the most influential industri...

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Animated Characters with Computer - Improving Employee Engagement

Improving Employee Engagement And Culture With Video

Company culture and employee engagement are now considered one of the most important building blocks of company success....

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Floating Astronaut

Why Tech Companies Should Create Animated Video

In a not so distant past, we witnessed the (volatile) digital revolution of the dot-com bubble. This period in time not ...

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Content Creatures - Creatures Feature 35

Creature Crafts and Web Wizardry

This month’s feature has everything from paper animals that pop out and delight to beer bottle branding that’s made ...

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Learning and Development Strategy - Two Characters with Books and a Phone

Using Animation Within Your Learning and Development Strategy

With a large majority of the world working remotely, it has been a challenge over the past year for businesses to find a...

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Hiscox, Kinetic Typography Example

Benefits & Uses of Kinetic Typography for Communications

Without knowing it, almost everyone has encountered kinetic typography. It is a simple and foundational animation techni...

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Why micro-content is useful for marketing communications

Although micro-content isn’t a well-known buzzword, it’s becoming one of the most important kinds of content for mod...

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Creatures Feature 34 by Content Creatures

Finding Inspiration in fancy flamingos & little worlds

Fancy Flamingos Giant Zoetrope Gavin Shapiro // Motion Designer We liked Gavin’s take on a classic. Why spin the zoetr...

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