Nifty Neon and Patterned Parrots

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Creatures Feature 41 - Nifty Neon and Patterned Parrots

In this month’s feature, we’ve been inspired by some stylish neon creations accompanied by some tech textures.

Creatures Feature 41 - Olof Storm, Artist/Filmaker

2D & 3D Combined 

Olof Storm // Artist/Filmaker

We love this gorgeous mix of frame by frame and 3D animation, which has been blended seamlessly to create a fun scene.

Creatures Feature 41 - Raminta, Sculptor

RamaLama Creatures

Raminta // Sculptor

We like these delicate animal sculptures by Ramalama Creatures – a beautiful set of animals so cutely characterised.

Creatures Feature 41 - Tina Suida, Illustrator


Tina Suida // Illustrator

Suida’s lions are “inspired by summer, feeling of freedom and windy days”. We love the flickering cel effect and the dark, moody manes alongside the lion’s silly faces.

Creatures Feature 41 - Sam Moore, Motion Designer

Outer Space

Sam Moore // Motion Designer

Sam’s has captivated us with this mesmerising sci-fi piece. Featuring a number of effects and techniques; the glitchy, digital figures really transport you to a distant world.