Make-Up Mechs and Dino Delights

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Creatures Feature 37 - Content Creatures

This month’s feature has some crafty mechanoids alongside some friendly, furry dinosaurs. 

Creatures Feature 37 - Impossible structures, Oliver Wetter

Pop-Culture in Still Life

Impossible structures

Oliver Wetter // Artist

Oliver achieves a great painterly look in his artistic experiments in his series that combines some iconic pop-culture references along with some traditional still life references in the surroundings.

Creatures Feature 37 - Foreal, Motion Design



Motion Design//   

Brand and iconic consumer goods standing for something in the modern-day. In this case, they transform into powerful bots to emphasise the impact of consumerism in our materialistic society. 

Creatures Feature 37 - Arden de Raaij, Programmer

Portal Three.js

Arden de Raaij

Programmer // Frontend Developer

Working in 3D is nothing new but being able to interact and explore a live 3D environment right in your web browser is. Meet three.js; a relatively new way to explore the 3D world on the web.  

Creatures Feature 37 - Jess Herrera, 3D Design


Jess Herrera

3D Design

We love Jess Herrera’s quirky 3D dinosaur project. The designs are playful and the creatures are full of character.