Inspiring Insects and NFTs

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Creatures Feature 36 - Content Creatures

This month’s feature has everything from barmy bugs to crafty crypto art. Feel inspired by structures that will confuse your senses and tickle your funny bones.

Penrose’s Arch - Impossible structures Matthieu Braccini, 3D artist

Penrose’s Arch 

Impossible structures

Matthieu Braccini // 3D artist

Matthieu likes to create surreal 3D imaginations in his beautifully crafted scenes. Penrose’s arch is an Escher-inspired “impossible” artwork that he’s listed in the ever-growing NFT blockchain. 

An Artistic Journey - Atey Ghailan, Digital Artist

An Artistic Journey

Atey Ghailan // Digital Artist

An ex-games concept artist for Riot Games, Atey, has now published an art book based on his own work. Atey retraces the steps of his creative journey and shares his art, influences, workflows, and newest creations.

Creatures Feature 36 - Bugged - Doug Alberts, Animator


Doug Alberts // Animator

Bugged is a beautiful mixed media short film created by Doug Alberts. Inspired by stop-motion, claymation, and all things practical, this film documents the wild unexpected events of this bug-filled world only using digital techniques.

Creatures Feature 36 - Tuna Bora, Illustrator & animator

Tuna Bora

Tuna Bora // Illustrator & animator

Tuna Bora is a Turkish illustrator and animation director who works on many large-scale animation projects. We like these recent line-animated creations which feature some quirky gifs and playful reveals.