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Logo animations

How logo animations are helping motion brand agencies transform B2B Marketing

Logo animations are a great way to engage with your audience in a dynamic and sophisticated way, read on for best practise tips and insights.

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creative strategy

Human Ways to Incorporate AI into Your Creative Strategy

Curious on how to apply AI in the changing face of marketing? We explore ways in which creative strategies are being transformed by this powerful technology.

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mr mrs title

Mr and Mrs: company birthday edition

A special ninth birthday interview with our leadership dynamic duo.

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International Women’s Day 2023; supporting women in creative agencies

We’re proud to celebrate women’s achievements and champion female talent within our creative agency.

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Hiscox, Kinetic Typography Example

Benefits & Uses of Kinetic Typography for Communications

Without knowing it, almost everyone has encountered kinetic typography. It is a simple and foundational animation technique that can be...

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Animated Characters with Fruit and a Blender

How to Create an Executive Summary that’s Easy to Digest 

Whether it be for a complex financial report or a lengthy business plan, people often wonder how to make an...

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Man looking at his phone - hero image for Top Communication Trends in 2021

Top Communication Trends for 2021

Events of the past twelve months signalled a new era for digital communications worldwide. It forced many brands to reinvent...

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Animated Lighthouse

The Silver Linings of Lockdown & Discovering What’s Possible

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that we, as human beings, are incredibly adaptable and resilient....

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Content Creatures computer image

Remote Working and the Lesson We’ve Learnt

Like many around the world right now, I‘m working at home on a laptop that’s connected to the office and my colleagues by networks and cloud servers spread all over...

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