Animated Video

Animation styles - Inspire


Animation styles are ever-evolving, check out our top 10 favourite and most used styles

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Logo animations

How logo animations are helping motion brand agencies transform B2B Marketing

Logo animations are a great way to engage with your audience in a dynamic and sophisticated way, read on for best practise tips and insights.

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Stand Out 1920x1080

5 ways to make your videos stand out in 2023

Tried and tested techniques to get the most traction out of video investment in today’s competitive market.

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Avoid the Great Resignation with Animated Video

The fact that the Great Resignation of 2021 is showing little sign of abating has got many companies worried. A...

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Budget 1920x1080

Animated video production cost 101: always come prepared with a budget

The number one question we get asked most often is, hands down, how much does animated video cost. And it’s...

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The story behind changing workplace cultures

For many years, internal communications was a poorly resourced function, too often lumbered with the job of dressing-up bad news. Corporate communications focused on the benefits of new processes, new technology, globalisation and offshoring; to produce stronger, more efficient, more robust businesses. But for many employees, streamlining and simplifying were watch-words that brought about job cuts.

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Animated characters in a hot air balloon

Understanding Video Animation: The truth about the processes, costs and considerations

It’s 2022, the year that the consumption of video content is predicted to reach a new all-time high. In fact,...

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Animated Video vs. Live Action

Animated Video vs. Live Action: Which To Choose For Your Brand in 2022?

Video marketing is now the norm for many brands and it’s not surprising given recent statistics.  In 2021, it is estimated...

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Establishing a Consistent Tone of Voice with Animated Video

Establishing a consistent tone of voice with animated video

There are many different elements to strong brand identity, but none are more important than a consistent brand tone of...

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