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Humanising banking

Bringing brand offerings to life through video

Liberty House Global set up Wyelands Bank as the asset finance division of the business. Early in the brand’s journey, they brought us on board as the creative agency to focus on bringing the brand and service offerings to life through video.

The challenge was to present a B2B bank whose core model was managing tangible assets, but with no real examples to showcase. We felt the solution was an animated brand film that humanised the exclusive online bank.


Wyelands Bank



Professional services

What We Did

  • Animation
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Creative strategy
  • Digital assets
  • Video production

Client case study video:

case study Wyelands Bank

Growing Together

Our Creative Partners took built on the graphic tree logo and tagline ‘Growing Together, to model an imaginary town where the success of one business improved the entire community by encouraging new businesses to start-up and grow. We felt it was important that the story didn’t simply focus on businesses growing, but also represented the positive effect new jobs and opportunities could have on a whole community.

As an exclusively online bank, we knew we couldn’t represent Wyelands Bank as a high street branch, yet it seemed important to the story that it had a physical presence. Our Creative team came up with the idea of beech tree sitting at the heart of the town, a place we could return to throughout the animated brand film during moments of opportunity.

Developing creative concepts

Our copywriter wrote a story that begins with a man, sat on the branch of a tree at the heart of his town.

He eats his lunch and imagines future growth for his business. Once this happens, his extra employees bring more customers to a nearby coffee-house, which as able to expand and sell its coffee blend. The town prospers and grows.

Blending techniques

Writing an epic story of change and transformation was one thing, but bringing it to life gave the Design, Animation and Production teams plenty of problems to solve.

We wanted to include some cinematic camera shots, but the budget was limited, which meant we had to blend 2D scenes with full 3D scenes. For this, the team used a technique called ‘projection mapping’.

Animated short film

The next problem was artwork. Although the project was only HD (2K pixels), from the initial park scene, we wanted the town to keep growing outwards.

This meant creating detailed layered for the town that was four-times bigger, a staggering 32K pixels. Managing artworking that big is like producing an animated short film.

The brand film proved a hit with the Wyelands Bank leadership team. We then worked with them and their digital agency to design assets for the website and annual reports. In addition Content Creatures were commissioned to make a further five product films for the bank.

Warren Davey

Brand and Marketing Consultant, Wyelands Bank