Status Online

Status Online asked us to create a motion graphics branding package that would ensure consistency across social media

Content Creatures recently worked with the charity Status Online to bring their existing static brand identity to life. Status is an online destination for 16-24 yr olds, where they can ask for advice on all the difficult questions they may have about relationships.

Working with their existing logo and guidelines, we designed a graphic property that built on brand equity and added value. We developed the concept¬† out of the idea that Status ‘cut through the digital noise’ to provide a safe online space for young to discuss relationship. To reflect this, we deconstructed their identity and then brought it back together to create the moving brand elements.

For a brand, like Status, with a strong social media presence it was important to build a motion graphics branding package with a kit of parts that would cover all future needs: animated logos, animated backgrounds, name straps, bugs, moving backgrounds for text and charts and transitions to enable the video to move from one shot to another.

To make life easy for the team at Status, we delivered the everything as Adobe Essential Graphics pack so their producers and marketers could quickly brand future video content.

Motion Graphics Branding Package | presenters on sofa gif
Motion Graphics Branding Package | status online search query gif
Motion Graphics Branding Package | status online logo gif
Motion Graphics Branding Package | couples kissing gif