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There’s no disputing that 2020 was a pivotal moment in history. Covid-19 and the lockdowns that followed transformed communities and businesses, including our own creative content agency.

As for many, the events of March 2020 caused us to transition suddenly from a studio-based creative content agency to a remote-working business. Fortunately, we had trialled MS Teams and a more relaxed work-from-home policy in the months leading up to the lockdown, so the move out of the office was relatively straightforward. Over the following year we learnt a great deal about the business, and the culture we wanted to introduce. In March 2021 we offered our team the option of returning to the studio, going hybrid or fully remote, and everyone unilaterally agreed to stay remote.

We created this animation to reflect the cultural and strategic reasons behind this decision—the benefits to us as employees and to our clients. Being remote has created more time in our lives, reduced tension and freed our minds to be more creative. It has allowed us to build a creative content agency where the team can be based anywhere in the world and work with international clients with greater ease. We have focused heavily on building an inclusive, responsible culture so that in being remote no one feels alone.

This film encapsulates all of this, as well as showcasing the breadth of our agency skills – bringing to life a business narrative through excellent storytelling and characterful animation using 3D, After Effects and cel techniques.

How we made the Remote Working Film