Slick 3D and drawings to delight

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Creatures Feature 33 - Slick 3D and drawings to delight

Some funky creature portrayals and a taste of soothing 3D have come our way in this month’s feature.

Creatures Feature 33 - This to shall pass, Anubhav Kesarwani, Motion Designer

Corona chaos

This to shall pass

Anubhav Kesarwani // Motion Designer

A whimsical and charming animation of how coronavirus has affected a small community and that, one way or another, we will be rid of covid-19.

Creatures Feature 33 - Cris Labano, 3D designer

Soothing 3D design

Flux Academy: Visual system

Cris Labano// 3D designer

We’re all over these fresh 3D visuals by Cris. Simple in design and brought to life with his lovely use of colour and lighting.

Creatures Feature 33 - Bowser Tattoos, Berlin

Quirky Character Tattoos

Bowser Tattoos // Berlin

Sometimes people go for elaborate tattoos, or ones laden with heavy symbolism, drawn perfectly. However, there’s something inspiring about Bowser Tattoos’ style, which combines the simplicity of a message with roughly-drawn character illustrations. The tattoo looks effortless, the characters draw you in, and the message feels authentic.

Creatures Feature 33 - Kyle Strope, Design Animation

Vibrant Experiments in Animation & Design

Kyle Strope // Design Animation

We love the crazy shapes, proportions, and the experimental side of Kyle Strope’s Instagram.