Shapes and Forms

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GilleardJames - Shapes and Forms

James Gilleard // Illustrator and Animator

James Gilleard is an illustrator and animator with a beautifully unique style. He uses a mix of straight lines and perfect circles to create abstract scenes that are full of interesting detail. We also love his use of colour and lighting throughout his work.




HelenaCovel - Shapes and Forms

Helena Covell // Illustrator

A lovely warm hand crafted feeling in these from Picture Book Illustrator Helena Covell.  Friendly, funny, and fresh- we love the hand-made-ness.




Ranganath - Shapes and Forms

Ranganath Krishnamani // Everyday musings

We really enjoy the colour, texture and contrast that Ranganath uses in this series of work from his travels. Each scene has a well defined light source that adds a sparkle of colour on his silhouetted subjects.



SergeRodas - Shapes and Forms

Serge Rodas // Illustrator

A fun mix of bright block colour, sketch and photo montage from Guatemalan Illustrator Serge Rodas. And big, big eyes.