Inspiring Indies and mesmerising music

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Creatures Feature 42 Header image

For this month’s feature, we’ve picked out some loop loops and sublime shorts.

Creatures Feature 42 Martial Coulon


Martial Coulon // Animator

We love this atmospheric sci-fi short by Martial. Check out the video to be captivated by its music-driven journey that’s alongside its deep and mysterious story.

Creatures Feature 42 Laurie Rowan


Laurie Rowan // Director and Animator

Check out (but don’t get lost in) this mesmerising mould of animation of sound and visual by Laurie. Soothing waving motion and playful characters at the core kept us watching loop after loop.

Creatures Feature 42 David Fleck

Fleck Illustration

David Fleck // Illustrator

We love David Fleck’s delicate illustrations. The build-up of dainty lines and painterly textures is a feast for the eyes.


Savage Fly

Seongjin Yoon // Artist

This fun, quite savage, little animation was created solely in After Effects. We love the way Seongjin used texture and light to bring depth to the scene.