How To Make Corporate Videos More Creative

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Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking your corporate videos have to be, well… corporate. Of course, some videos will need a neutral air of professionalism but if your purpose is to engage, inspire or educate then the last thing needed is another boring corporate video. Our latest blog looks at four ways to keep your corporate videos interesting and the benefits engaging corporate videos bring to their viewers.

Move Away From White Backgrounds

A lot of corporate videos involve company spokespeople speaking into the camera about future initiatives and events. Whilst this is potentially needed, it can come across incredibly bland if that person is stood in front of a super-imposed white background. Keep your corporate videos interesting by putting people in more original settings, whether this is inside your company office or outside somewhere that contextually makes sense. There are so many examples of this across the internet, where brands have creatively used:

–  Their own office space or a clients

–  Glass backgrounds overlooking cityscapes

–  Exposed brickwork & wall features

–  Live business backdrops such as manufacturing lines or logistics

If you’re wondering how to make corporate videos more creative, then getting the starting position right really helps. A lot of corporate videos start with a still frame of the company’s logo and business information. Often this is static & incredibly formal. You can liven this up by animating that first frame so that the company logo & information doesn’t just sit there but instead comes to life. This is something we do on our own Content Creatures homepage and as a creative concept for corporate videos, it really sets the tone for the rest of the content!

Drop Any Confusing Jargon & Business Language

The more engaging corporate videos we put together strike a personal & friendly tone. People want to be able to relate to a company or speaker and communicating in high-level corporate language is a sure-fire way to make people switch off. Whether you are using a voiceover, professional speaker or employee to convey your video message – you’ll want to keep the delivery light, clear and to the point.

Include Different Types Of ‘Scenes’ Within Each Video

Keeping your corporate videos interesting really comes down to good planning. When you are deciding what goes into a video and defining your script – ask yourself whether the video is too one dimensional. If you have a 7 minute video and it’s just a company representative talking for 7 minutes straight, then it’s going to feel too predictable & won’t keep people alert. Instead, try breaking the video up into different scenes, some of the video could be someone talking but other parts could equally contain footage from a conference, staff working in their day to day roles or even be animated. In fact, animation is one of the best creative concepts for corporate videos because there are no limitations to it. You can include animation to represent company growth & sales data or company processes & stories relating to the brand values.

We hope you enjoyed these four tips on how to make your corporate videos more engaging. Going the extra mile to create engaging corporate videos really does make for a happier audience – overall you’ll benefit from:

–  Greater retention of viewer knowledge

– Videos which don’t age & look dated after 6 months

–  More viewers getting to the end of the video message without stopping

–  Videos which are more likely to be a talking point amongst employees & viewers

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