Finding Inspiration in fancy flamingos & little worlds

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Creatures Feature 34 by Content Creatures

Fancy Flamingos, Giant Zoetrope Gavin Shapiro, Motion Designer

Fancy Flamingos

Giant Zoetrope

Gavin Shapiro // Motion Designer

We liked Gavin’s take on a classic. Why spin the zoetrope when instead you can move really quickly around hundreds of bronze-sculpted flamingos.

Clockwork Creatures, Flux Academy: Visual system Peter Szucsy, Artist

Clockwork Creatures

Flux Academy: Visual system

Peter Szucsy// Artist

How to have 8 legs from 3 hands… Peter cleverly crafted these critters from recycled vintage watches.

Little Worlds, Paper Illustrations Kelly Pousette, Children’s Book IllustratorLittle Worlds

Paper Illustrations

Kelly Pousette // Children’s Book Illustrator

We liked the little worlds Kelly creates with just a few pieces of paper – particularly her cross-section images. 

Expertly Crafted Silliness, High Pressure Business Deer, Eoin Duffy, Motion Designer

Expertly Crafted Silliness

High-Pressure Business Deer!

Eoin Duffy // Motion Designer

Another quirky short from the mind of Eoin Duffy, beautifully designed. We’re all fans!