Creature Crafts and Web Wizardry

Content Creatures - Creatures Feature 35

This month’s feature has everything from paper animals that pop out and delight to beer bottle branding that’s made to entice.

image3 - Creature Crafts and Web Wizardry

The Wolfs

Giant Zoetrope

Ezequil Torres & Juan Pablo Roldán // Motion Designer Music Video

The Wolfs is an animated music video for the Argentinian band SAIAMES and features a dynamic story with great handcrafted animation inspiration.

image2 - Creature Crafts and Web Wizardry

Pretty Packaging

Stanley Park Brewing

Tom Haugomat // Designer

A gorgeous set of designs for a range of ales. We love the balance of natural textures and rough edges with precise and thoughtfully composed graphic shapes.

image5 - Creature Crafts and Web Wizardry

Pop-up Papercraft


Haruki Nakamura // Crafter

The Japanese paper crafter Haruki Nakamura designs mechanical paper animals that peek and pop in surprising ways.

image4 - Creature Crafts and Web Wizardry

Interactive with Music

Flux Academy: Visual system

Porter Robinson  // Website and UI Design

Part of Porter Robinson 2nd album, this website allows user to explore the worlds the artist created in an interactive and creative way; being able to interact with other users in real-time and environments that feature in his music video.