Creative inspiration: Sculpture, CGI & dreamy abstract motion design.

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This month’s sumptuous creative inspiration.

Our curated selection of creative inspiration titbits this month comes in the form of CGI historical event re-enactments, dreamy abstract gradients as well as motion design and animation. Grab a cuppa and lose yourself in a world of creative possibilities.


Creative inspiration creature feature Titanic

Creative inspiration #1 – My Heart Will Go On

David Scott// Content Creator

We love this CGI re-imagination of Titanic; where our beloved Jack and Rose are replacing by two marbles. The musical imagination is really captured by the interpreted scenes that match those from the film in a creative way. It’s not often you’ll feel your heart strings tugged by a marble descending into the watery depths.


Creative inspiration sculptures

Creative inspiration #2 – Sculptures

Peter Lubach// Artist

Peter Lubach’s sculptures are as charming as they are unusual. We like the personality found in this range of quirky characters.


Creative inspiration creature features thom

Creative inspiration #3 – Found

Illo// Motion Studio

We love this video by Illo and the beautiful treatment of the subject. The motion video Found seeks to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Using abstract shapes, dreamy gradients and a calming colour palette it simplifies the message in what can be a very confusing subject.


untitled army arrow

Creative inspiration #3 – Conoco, Choose Go Campaign

Lucas Bueno de Camargo – Untitled Army // Artist

This campaign is so inspiring! All the environments, characters and cars are so unique and quirky, and the animation is very well done. Hats off to you!


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