Creative Inspiration: Football, Forests and Fabrica

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August’s selection of inspirational work

This month we’ve taken inspiration from a football focused cutout animation, a warrior in the forest, some striking graphic outfits and a nature loving tattoo artist.

mads emil


Mads Emil Kølbæk // Animator

Football fever? Us too! We love this footy-inspired, 3D generated, cardboard-style cutout animation by Mads. The perfect use of texturing and lighting creates a charming and fun stop-motion effect. Also featuring a peak at the process.


wildthings studio

CREATIVE INSPIRATION #2 – Warriors of the Forest

Wildthings Studio// Animation Studio

This forest advocate is precisely what our precious woodlands need! The captivating visuals and stunning animations make them an absolute must-see. We wholeheartedly recommend exploring these magnificent beings and showering them with love.

jasu arrow


Jasu Hu // Illustrator

We love these captivating and artistic ensembles that elegantly drape modern architectural shapes over the human form, creating a visually stunning spectacle.

eo tattoo

CREATIVE INSPIRATION #4 – E.O’s Nature Tattoos

E.O // Tattoo Artist

E.O showcases the exquisite beauty and intricate patterns found in nature through their distinctive style of tattoo artistry.

If you’re feeling inspired, check out some of our work or get in touch to discuss your project today.