Creative Inspiration

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Our selection this month take a trip into the weird, wonderful and fantastical imaginations of our selected artists.

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Creative inspiration: Sculpture, CGI & dreamy abstract motion design.

This month’s curated selection of creative inspiration titbits from across the world will tantalise your creative tastebuds.

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Creative inspiration: Lush Lighting & Cute Characters

Take a gander at what’s been inspiring the team this month.

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Creatures Feature 42 Header image

Inspiring Indies and mesmerising music

For this month’s feature, we’ve picked out some loop loops and sublime shorts. Echoes Martial Coulon // Animator We love this atmospheric sci-fi...

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Creatures Feature 41 - Nifty Neon and Patterned Parrots

Nifty Neon and Patterned Parrots

In this month’s feature, we’ve been inspired by some stylish neon creations accompanied by some tech textures. 2D & 3D Combined  Olof...

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Creatures Feature 37 - Content Creatures

Make-Up Mechs and Dino Delights

This month’s feature has some crafty mechanoids alongside some friendly, furry dinosaurs.  Pop-Culture in Still Life Impossible structures Oliver Wetter // Artist Oliver achieves...

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Creatures Feature 36 - Content Creatures

Inspiring Insects and NFTs

This month’s feature has everything from barmy bugs to crafty crypto art. Feel inspired by structures that will confuse your...

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Content Creatures - Creatures Feature 35

Creature Crafts and Web Wizardry

This month’s feature has everything from paper animals that pop out and delight to beer bottle branding that’s made to...

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Creatures Feature 34 by Content Creatures

Finding Inspiration in fancy flamingos & little worlds

Fancy Flamingos Giant Zoetrope Gavin Shapiro // Motion Designer We liked Gavin’s take on a classic. Why spin the zoetrope when instead you...

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