Adversity is the Mother of Creation

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Creatures Feature 28 - Header Image

This month, as the Content Creatures team worked through another month of the lockdown, they have been inspired in many ways. This month’s selection of work reflects style, form, character and landscape. We see moments of serenity, a charming how-to, an alternative perspective on the outside world and art made from materials to hand – in this case, flour and yeast.

Creatures Feature 28 - Simple Serenity Stay Home, Pat Grivet, Illustrator & Animator

Simple Serenity

Stay Home

Pat Grivet // Illustrator & Animator


Julien Piertri // 3D Designer

Pat and Julien joined up to create these short animations inspired by the lockdown. We particularly like how simple the characters gain our interest with their wholesome style and well-lit scenes.

Creatures Feature 28 - Charming Character, Bert and the Birds, Jorge Bompart, Animator

Charming Character 

Bert and the Birds

Jorge Bompart // Animator

We love how Jorge Bompart’s animation style brings so much life to painterly,  illustrations. On Artstation and Instagram, he breaks down how pieces like this can be created. The beautiful source artwork he used here was created by illustrator Tom Booth. More of Tom’s incredible illustrations can be found on Instagram

Creatures Feature 28, Enchanting Environments, Yun Ling - Concept artist

Enchanting Environments

Yun Ling // Concept artist

Yun Ling is a concept artist and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. We loved Yun’s work on Into The Spider-Verse, but this post is an appreciation of her real-world digital paintings. Yun makes everyday places look beautiful and cinematic with a mix of graphic marks and texture. We love the layering of colour and dynamic brushstrokes.

Creatures Feature 28 - Can I still eat it? Mona Lisa - Bread art Konel, Baker & Illustrator  

Can I Still Eat It?

Mona Lisa – Bread Art

Konel // Baker & Illustrator

This Japanese baker’s unique bread creations have been inspiring us to find new ways to be creative during quarantine, from recreating famous paintings to creating fun characters out of bread, Konel shows us that there’s potential to find endless creativity no matter what you’re using.