2020 Vision – A Look To The Future

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Xoana Herrera Illustration - 2020 Vision - A Look To The Future

Trend forecasters WGSN, amongst others, have published their lists letting us all know what the future of the design industry is set to look like. These are some ideas and areas we are excited to explore in this new decade!

Artistic Typography

Bold, eye-catching Typography as a design focal point was all the rage last year and that’s not predicted to change in 2020.

A clear and direct method of communication, stylised artistic typography is set to remain a prominent element in graphic design in the new decade.

Over the past year, more and more companies have incorporated bespoke illustration into their branding, a trend which is set to continue into 2020, with personalised, artistic typography hot on its heels.

Typography Experiments – Lucas Wakamatsu

Organic Shapes 

With environmental preservation at the forefront of so many people’s minds, it’s no mystery why design has begun to move away from the geometric shapes favoured in recent years.

As we become more conscious of the natural world, and our place within it, shapes are becoming more fluid, asymmetrical and, well… natural!

Minimalist Design

Companies looking to stand out from the crowd and obtain and retain consumer attention are turning to a ‘Less is More’ approach, employing minimalism in their branding across multiple platforms.

Mindfulness has become a household concept in recent years, and brands are rethinking their User Interface Design in-keeping with consumer tastes as they tire of overcrowded, overstimulating compositions, favouring fewer colours, simplified shapes and minimal design elements.