Travel & Leisure Videos

One of our biggest single projects to date was creating a series of travel and leisure brand videos for Park Leisure. We were tasked with developing a moving brand identity for the company and running that through a 90” brand film and 10 individual park videos for website use.

Also, within the travel and leisure videos sector, we have created a television commercial for the launch of The Royal Mint Experience, a tourist attraction in Wales.

Park Leisure Brand Film

Premium Luxury Brand Film

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Pl exclusive club branded content

Royal Mint Experience Commercial

Animated Film for an Event

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Olympiad London 2012 Medal

Whether for broadcast or internal comms, we always deliver well-designed, clever travel and leisure brand videos for every brief. Our well-oiled process creates an open dialogue between us and the client to ensure we hit the mark every time. The fact that over 80% of our projects come from returning clients and referrals is a testament to the studio’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality character animation and motion graphics time and time again.