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Explainer Video Series | Brooks Macdonald

Content Creatures were asked to create four sixty-second animated explainer videos outlining the value of investing with financial services broker Brooks Macdonald.

The client specialised in investments for vulnerable clients who often found the language used around financial services confusing. They, therefore, wanted a series of animated explainer videos that would simplify the complexities of the industry in a simple to understand and engaging way.

Working with the client’s existing brand, our copywriters developed the concept of Brooks Macdonald providing a helping hand to their customers. Our design team explored this route and created a distinctive illustrative style that featured a gentle, reassuring hand which helped move the narrative along.

There are four animated explainer videos in the series, covering a range of topics from risk to diversification and the basic role of investing and the process used. We explored each area through an allegory; choosing real-life, everyday scenarios that customers could relate to whilst connecting them back to investing.

As well as the four films, we’ve also created separate layered artwork so that the client can take the helping hand concept and illustrative approach and run it through their website and other brand applications.

Brooks Macdonald - Explainer videos on investing for the future
Brooks Macdonald - Explainer videos on diversification delivery
Brooks Macdonald - Helping clients reach investment goals
Brooks Macdonald - Explainer videos on your investment journey

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